2016 maple syrup season

2016 Summary:
One thousand pounds of sap (hand carried) becomes about 40 pounds of syrup, just over 3.5 gallons. Entire run required just under 70 pounds of LP gas. Most of the syrup went into jars for storage and gifts: 5 quarts, 13 pints, 3 12oz'ers, and 2 half-pints.

2015 maple syrup season

2015 Summary:
Made a total of 1.25 gallons of syrup using about 15 pounds of LP gas: 9 pints canned, plus another pint in open containers for immediate use.

2014 maple syrup season

2014 Summary:
Made a total of 1.8 gallons, about 20 pounds, using about 70 pounds of LP gas: 3 quarts, 5 pints, 6 half-pints, plus nearly a half-pint more for my son's maple-smoked duck and several rounds of my wife's delicious, delicious waffles.

2013 maple syrup season

We've converted 800 pounds of sap (hauled by hand) plus 80 pounds of LP gas into about 25 pounds of product... over 2 gallons of homemade maple syrup.

2012 maple syrup season

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