adventures in irresponsible hiking

Are you crazy? Don't hike like this.

december 20: solo hike with dog

Harley, a large newfie over 10 years old was deft even through dense balsam stands or over massive downed maples--the forest is his everyday domain. His pace is plodding, but he never barks or gets distracted by wildlife. I feel he is strong enough to help me crawl back (or at least show me which way to crawl) should something go wrong.

december 25: solo night hike without shoes or light

Snowstorm earlier in the day left every fir tree loaded with new snow. Without a hat or coat, I tried to be careful not to let snow get down my shirt.

One sock had a hole in the sole, so one foot got quite cold very quickly.

Harley, my large newfie refused to go with me even though I took him with me to the forest edge. Too cold. He was on the porch when I got home and glad to come inside with me.