cold-tolerance training log

Living in the cold requires lots of specialized equipment. Or maybe not.

january 1: cold-tolerance training

Wind-driven snow on bare skin = brr. Who would have guessed?

I considered wearing no loincloth (it lent little warmth), but it turned out I was glad I wore it. Halfway through my chores, the plowman (and his wife) drove up the driveway. They were surprised to see me dressed so inappropriately. In response to their unvoiced questions, I said with mock derision, "Why, what do you wear? A coat?"

january 3: very-cold-tolerance training

After about 10 minutes, I was getting a bit chilled. I took the long way back to the house, walking through foot-deep snow for several hundred feet. I thought the deep snow would be warmer on my feet than the clear air...I was wrong. My feet became very cold after only a few steps. I feared for my toes.

My wrists felt coldest.

My wife took this picture as evidence for my sanity hearing: