best packaged cookies

Note: All endorsements are unpaid and heartfelt.

I eat a lot of cookies and always have. I know cookies. The best cookies are homemade and fresh from the oven. My wife's chocolate chips and my butter cookies are world class. But what are the best cookies available for sale?

Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Premium Shortbread Cookies by Biscomerica.

Shortbread can be too dry (like a Keebler Fudge Stripe) or too greasy (like a Lorna Doone). But the shortbread here is perfect, and the spiciness is not front and center, but not flatly missing. It's hard to walk that fine line, but Biscomerica is getting it done.

Every cookie is unique, with ever so slight differences in shape. (How do they do that?) Even with this variation, the crispiness of every cookie is perfect. The ridges from the serrated pastry bag tip get extra crispy while the remainder stays very light. Again this is a tightrope but Biscomerica doesn't need a net.

Even the way the cookie crumbles is amazing. Each cookie is a ring, with a thin center. When one of these cookies breaks (they are bite-sized so breakage is rare), it always breaks into the center. That is, the cookie cannot be "chipped" from the edge, it can only break into ring sections. This means every cookie piece, no matter how small, always includes part of the center and thus always includes part of the jelly. Find a half cookie? It's got about half of the jelly. Any quarters have about a quarter of the jelly and so on. These cookies are engineered to perfection with failure modes considered!

The preserves are from Knott's Berry Farm and they know their berries. The jelly is wonderful. I prefer the boysenberry, but the raspberry and strawberry are just as delicious.

Bravo, Biscomerica. Way to make our lives just a little bit better.

Update: To show my appreciation, I made this graphic: