blancpain villeret strap collection

blue aligator

Custom made--only 3 holes

brown ridged leather

My only $0 strap
Very stiff

brown crocodile

Gloss finish
Small grain
Fabric keeper tether

brown stingray

Semi-polished (pearlized)
No stitching
Brittle texture subject to cracking and flaking

black carbon-fibre wrapped leather

My most formal looking strap
Extremely supple
Water resistant

rouille leather

Croco grain
Glossy finish not aging well

black lizard

Unpadded, single thickness, no stitching
Most tapered, 22/14mm!
NOS, vintage strap makes watch look oldest

tan ostrich

Contrasting stitching
Thickest padded strap

navy shark

Near black
Most interesting texture

lime green leather

Croco grain
Dark green stitching

half lime-green / half baby blue leather

Made from 2 straps
Universally hated, but I wore it for several days